love everyoneSo, people from left right and centre are all complaining or rather commenting on each other’s “speck”. Nobody has so far pointed out his or her log. Yes people, I’m talking Bible today. Tired am I of all this righteous bigots that are all so fast to cast the first stone.
Im therefore asking, what is so wrong about falling in love. Ok lemme rephrase that, what is so wrong about falling in love with same sex people? Do you really have to put a label on me, be it lesbian, gay, straight, trans, bi, aren’t we all children of God, all loved by the most high equally. Jesus died for us all, not once in the bible do I read that he died for the straight alone, so who are you to judge. If you aint comfortable keep your big ass mouth shut and mind your own fuckin business, it doesn’t require any startup capital so that shouldn’t be so hard for your idle mind. LOVE IS LOVE.
Transgenders are being scorned and killed by the assholes that can’t accept. Why should they conform to societal norms just to please a person that doesn’t give a rats ass about them? A person is entitled to be comfortable in his or her own skin. So what if I want to change my gender? It’s a free world last time I checked. If a sin, I will face my maker on my judgement day.
You say I’m questioning Gods will just because I want to be a girl while I was born in a boy’s body, NO! The way I see it, if He does not want anything to happen, it won’t. So if I can transition it all means it was in the cards when He created me, if not, nothing would have happen.. if you plan to give God the glory please do so in all aspects, don’t tell me that those doctors got their brains from hell or books, He is the Almighty after all.
Again I ask, aren’t we all homosexual at one point in our lives? Denying? Let me refresh your memory, haven’t you once looked at a person of your sex and be like, damn, that’s some hot specimen,  if your answer is a direct no, lemme explain.. you there coveting the biceps or abs of that guy you work out with, or you all there browsing for the perfect shape of rear ends so as to recreate your own in the same way.. the difference between you and the next guy is that you won’t admit to admiring them but the next guy will not only admire them.. He/she will straight up tell and if so willing ask you out. So if u in your made up closet of denial please don’t be the party pooper for all us else living our lives.
I’m driving at this, we all love who we love, at the end of the day all that matters is you have that one person you can talk to and share with how your day was and just remove that mask that’s needed to face this thing called life. If you don’t have that and you the first to judge then id say you just jealous and maybe needing to re-evalu yourself and figure out why. Don’t judge me coz I’m different.
You are there dipping your pen in every available ink bottle open, and some not.. Ticking off your conquests daily and calling it a score, or your legs are spread out for every Tom Dick and Harry, twisting your body in such a way that would make even the top Russian gymnasts jealous. Or you, sitting there reading this post and thinking.. This lady is gay.. Maybe I am, maybe not it’s called private life, look into it.

you don't have to like me
you don’t have to like me

Just judging others, you are killing people coz they do not live their life YOUR way. By killing I mean, degrading, discriminating against, throwing disgusting looks and even murder.
My question is this, is there really bigger sin? Won’t we all face judgment day? Ask yourself… what will my plea be? love is love



Mark Maish


I’m seated on a wooden bench under a makuti shed located at a vantage point deep in the heart of a national reserve watching a herd of elephants grazing peaceful below, oblivious of the chaotic world out there. A fortnight ago I handed in my final year project which marked the end of a 5-year pursuit for my Undergrads. Faced with the biggest dilemma of my life, I traveled down to this remote camping site in south coast to strategize on my next step. The decision I’m about to make is to either take the job offered or turn it down and instead follow my passion which is unconventional.

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Starting A Fresh….. Again.

Its been a while…

Being cliche isn’t my style at all but at times this comes as naturally as I draw air to breath. I wont look for a crappy excuse because I don’t have any. I’m a lazy person. I prefer sleeping than typing words that reach a point and go missing, words that don’t make sense to me until I get to read the final draft. Don’t get me wrong though I LOVE writing. Its a passion. I wont write an award winning book or script something so good to be bought as a movie… that’s why this isn’t my  career choice. I’d be a broke ass all year long, and I love living in comfort too much to allow myself to go down that road.

I have been writing the old school way, with a diary that’s kept under my mattress and a torch so I can use it when an idea runs thru my mind at the middle of the night(pun intended). Most of my unpublished works though will remain that way… unpublished.. not because i have anything to hide , which i do, but that’s not important…

This post is mostly to reconnect myself with this art I appreciate.. I hope that this time I’ll stick, that I wont have thought-blocks, that I’ll write something that many can appreciate and relate with. Cause when all is said and done, I think that’s the importance of having and running a blog… to reach people.

To a good restart people.

The Dirt That Is Nursing.

So there was this day not so long ago that an incident that will forever be stuck in my mind happened. I was chatting with someone about life generally and how i view it. All of a sudden the guy switches to a series of 21 questions, this is how part of the conversation went….

             GUY: You told me you are a nurse right?

             ME: Yeah and a very proud one at that.

             GUY: Why would you be proud of such a dirty career

Huuuuh, WHAT!!!!!!!!

That right there to me was an insult to the noble work I do. Does he forget that we dirty nurses wear “white” uniforms-(pun intended)? Does he forget we do things in the asceptic techniques? Frankly I was very offended but never the mind I dignified his question with another question, typical kenyan you would say…..

             ME: Define “dirty career”

Right now I was full blown ninja mode, just waiting for a slight slip of his tongue so that I could show him just who’s boss.. the guy didn’t disappoint.

          GUY: You guys are always handling peoples puke and poop and the likes, you even wash almost dead bodies (his exact words incase you are wondering.)

Allow me to laugh out loud at this, the ignorance of this guy and so many out there is just overwhelming, Yes I clean up after sick peoples “poop and puke”, yes I also wash “almost dead bodies” and as hard as it might me to believe, I LOVE IT. I love how that shell of a person in that sick-bed will smile his thanks to me because he is too weak to utter the words out loud, I love how that shell of a man will get better and start taking baby steps towards taking care of himself thanks to your good nurturing. I love it when his /her relatives thank me abundantly and give me their blessings when they are discharged, that almost dead body now walking upright and making jokes about his very health. I love walking in the streets and a person I nursed in my 1st year of college will walk up to me and thank me again or just acknowledge me. I love it because I know deep inside him his thanks was genuine. He will forever have me in his prayers.

I love it also when I help deliver a baby into this world, how it will wail that very moment, as if knowing just how cruel this world could be. I read somewhere once, that a baby wails because it remembers its dying moment on its other life. If that’s the case, then I like to think that I was with them in their dying moment and again as they ‘resurrect”. I love it when you fold up that baby and it smiles at you, atleast that’s what I like to think..

The baby will grow up and one day the mother will be walking and when you happen to pass by her and she will remember you and even introduce you to the child. That’s the joy of being a nurse and I love it.

So to all those still thinking just how dirty my career is, I’ll tell you right now that its the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. I get to meet people of very different personalities. Some are rude and others are God sent angels. I meet them and interact with them all. We share what we know and learn from each other. So yes, my job is a dirty one, not from the poop and puke though, its from the footsteps of all those coming and going to see me. they may want advice and counseling, others may just want company while others want to talk to someone and I’m glad doing it.

So you and your clean office job which I might add is very boring because other than that office drama that happened 5years ago, you don’t have anything interesting to write home about. On the other hand me and my dirty job will always go home happy, sad,frustrated or just worried. Those feelings are deep within and they make me wake up the next day and go to work, I want to make sure my patient made it through the night. I want to make sure that the very uncooperative mother that was crying out of pain delivered a bundle of joy. I want to meet my patients needs and I want them to go home happy. If they are happy so am I.

I derive my joy from seeing that satisfied look you have when all is well. So when all is said and done, I will just concede that maybe nursing is after all, a dirty, satisfying and messed up affair.


P.S. I didn’t reply the guy after the showing just how ignorant he was.

                                                                              Nurse. Kendimswit with love

Aspiring To Inspire

I didn’t go to church today, reason being, mass was being held on a different territory that I’m not well acquainted with, so for the sake of not regretting later if I indeed went and got lost, I opted for the next not best option, stay at home and try to worship in my own little way.

Problem is, I slept in, and KPLC decided to ‘ration’ their power supply early in the day. So no T.V service for me. I decided to blog about it, complaining obviously, but my phone and laptop had other ideas, they both were battery low.

At this point, any sane person would think the universe is against them, and I am a very sane person. Instead of whining though, i decided to go old school. That era before our forefathers discovered the treasure that is internet( or was it my age mates?). I take out my pen and diary and sit down to start. Sema thought-block pap!!!!!!! WTF is wrong with this day? I need some inspiration to do this. So I decide maybe a change of scenery will do the trick.

I take my nail polish and start doing my nails( some of you are wondering of what relevance my nails are at this point, but hold your horses dearies you will soon find out). Zinakaa za mchawi btw, and a girl lady cant have that, 101 of being a lady is to always glam up you never know when utapelekwa out. So back to the backbone of the story.

I need my nails dry fast so that I can hit the shower then take a hike which will inspire me to write. To achieve that, I go to the backyard to bask in the morning rays.

Sitted there, deep in thought about something I cant remember. I look down and see a moving feather(in a homestead where poultry is reared, feathers are as common as the soil). On closer inspection I see a tiny little ant (thigiriri-dont know what you call it in your tongue) pulling the monstrous thing.It struggles through the rough terrain composed of mountains and valleys- Im guessing that’s how they view a bumpy path. The feather was being propelled forwards and if it got stuck, the ant would go from behind and push or under the feather and ? Lift? I don’t really know. It did this so many times I thought it would give up.

Shock on me when the tiny thing went and got another tiny thing and went back to the feather. My mind played these scene on how it asked for help;

ant1: hey bruh!

ant2: whats up bruh!

ant1: i need your help dude.

ant2: cool, lead the way homie.


Anyways, the two tiny ants continued to push and pull the feather from where it was and the wind blew and made the feather budge.The ants continued their journey having achieved their goal at that point, I’m sure it wasn’t a smooth journey but they had each other and others of their kind at their beck and call incase they encountered another difficulty, that and the wind.

This got me thinking, when does God ever leave us? Answer to that, never! I brought in God because to me He manifested Himself through the wind. Time and again we have been told not to give up on something that we really want cause up there someone knows how bad we want to achieve it and if we give it our all then he will always be there for us.

So I went outside to get my nails dry and with it i got inspired. To write and in life too.By His own way he inspired me through a black ant and a feather. So my good deed of the day, i will share the message with you. Its the small signs that help us see the bigger picture.

To the two ants, the feather, mother nature and above all the Almighty, thank you.

I hope you had an inspiring Sunday dearies.


To new trials and some

I av been at this point for a zillion times so far,trying to compose that epic post that’s going to brand me a great and awesome blogger. Each and every time I forget to save the draft and end up super pissed en cussing at everything.
Question is, do I even know how to blog if I can’t save an intro draft. Do I know how to run a blog? what will I blog about? (I had the inkling to do fashion, but who has the tym for the pics needed) I don’t plan to restrict myself in one topic either so don’t go Ham on me when you find a tech or sports post, I’m a gamer too so if I start talking about that level that I’m stuck on, bare with me and if you can I wouldn’t mind some hints to proceed. point is I love writing. I could even coin a phrase right now, kendi is writing en writing is kendi, crafty huh! nways Im just crossing my fingers (and toes) that this thing doesn’t die on me. I hope I wont bore you guys to death coz I most probably whine about sth. I’m a female, its in my system so deal with it.
lastly I really hope I won’t forget to save this post. if I do I myt finally crack( believe me its that close)
welcome to my blog dearies lets keep busy. love y’all.

A letter to my future wife

I just had to repost this, en I’ll change it to my future husband I think

These words of my own


I have been thinking about you lately; no am not a senior bachelor who feels his timeline for a catch is not quickly ticking out nor am I ready for such a commitment at the moment. Regardless, you are often a reverie especially if my bed is oddly huge and spacious or when huge vocabularies in my mind with an –ing suffix such as cooking, ironing, cleaning, laundry and chastity start becoming  eccentric to my kind of Adam species. But for the sake of peace and good times ahead please ignore the latter.

By now you must be amazed of how romantic it is for me to write to you prior to our first date rather, that electrifying first eye contact. In consideration that I am writing this letter in the wee hours of the morning on an insomnia spell shows how much I love you. Frankly, my campus…

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